Old cars, or classic cars, are a favorite toy of kids and collectors.

    While they’re not necessarily the oldest vehicles ever made, they’re still popular with collectors.

    Now, Lego is releasing the first-ever LEGO Cars: Old Cars set, in a new era of old cars.

    In a blog post, Lego said the new set will be available for preorder beginning on April 15th, and will feature a variety of vehicles from the past 50 years.

    Lego said that the set will include classic cars from the late 19th century to the early 20th century, including the classic Ford Bronco and the classic GMC Yukon, as well as a variety in the world of sports cars, including an original Ford GT, an original Chevrolet Camaro and an original Porsche 911 Turbo.

    For the first time, Lego has created a classic car that will be a part of the LEGO Classic Collection, which is available at participating stores.

    The LEGO Classic Collections is a collection of older cars from around the world, including a new generation of the popular Nissan Skyline, which will be released in the LEGO Collection.