Dan, you might recall, started the first company of his kind with a pair of ex-convict brothers.

    The idea was to build an internet-connected car.

    That meant the cars were made in China, which wasn’t a good thing.

    In 2016, the brothers announced they were closing their doors, saying they could no longer “make a living” by selling cars online.

    Dan, meanwhile, took over the company, and it was one of the biggest tech companies in the world, valued at more than $1 billion.

    Now Dan has a whole new vision.

    In a new book, Dan takes on the old-school car industry, which he describes as an industry that’s in desperate need of a shakeup.

    “You can’t have a business that is just an endless cycle of profit and loss,” Dan tells Recode.

    “It has to be a different way of doing business.”

    Dan’s new book “The Future of Automotive” lays out the challenges he sees in building a car company.

    For one, he wants to be in a position to do it better than the competitors.

    The book also takes a shot at the current car industry in which companies like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Ford are able to get away with charging more than they need to for decades, making their cars more expensive and less reliable.

    Dan says the way to fix that is by giving manufacturers more control over their production processes and pricing.

    That’s why he’s trying to make the car companies less dependent on suppliers, so that their cars will last longer.

    And the book also highlights how much the car industry has changed over the last two decades.

    We’re now in an era of robotics, artificial intelligence, and self-driving cars that will make our lives easier, Dan argues.

    That is something that will change the way we live.

    In his book, the co-founder and CEO of Dan, which has a headquarters in Mountain View, Calif., talks about building a company that’s not just a business for the wealthy, but for the whole world.

    In order to do that, Dan is trying to use his experience and knowledge of the automotive industry to change the game.


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