The car is one of a kind.

    It has a distinctive red, black and white stripe and a unique design that was originally designed for the 1970s model year Ford Mustangs.

    Ford has always had a strong reputation for its retro design.

    But it’s always been difficult for Ford to sell its vehicles in the United States.

    The car is also one of the rarest in the country.

    Ford said in October that it had sold just 2,000 Mustangs since it began selling them in the U.S. in 2007.

    It was not clear when the car was sold or how many it was.

    But if you look closely at the car, it’s not very common.

    The Mustang’s original factory paint was a pale shade of tan.

    The Mustang’s interior is almost entirely white, although it does have a few black and red trim.

    The interior is lined with tan leather seats and a black leather steering wheel.

    And the engine bay is adorned with bright red trim, and the grille is red.

    Ford says that the car’s exterior is the most unique in the car lineup, because it has never been painted black, or red.

    The interior has a unique and retro look, and it’s the only one in the series with a red roof.

    Ford sold more than 50,000 Mustang Mustangs in the 1970, 1980 and 1990 models, and there have been two variations of the car.

    The first one was a regular Mustang, while the second one was an upgraded version that includes a high-performance engine, high-tech suspension, a longer hood and a carbon fiber roof.

    The red paint was done by the company’s factory at Shelbyville, Tenn., in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

    The original Mustang was red from the factory and then painted over in black and silver.

    In 1985, a black paint was added to the front and rear fenders.

    The top and side skirts were also added in that year.

    Ford has been trying to revive the Mustang in the American market for years.

    The company’s newest line of Mustangs will be the first to have the red paint, according to a press release.

    The new Mustang will be available for purchase from January 2016.

    Ford expects to sell about 2,500 Mustangs this year.

    The new Mustang is the first in the new line of Mustang Mustests, which began in 2017.

    The Mustangs that are available this year will be more affordable than the ones available in 2017, Ford said.

    Ford said it was “deeply saddened” by the loss of the Mustang, which was one of only seven examples built in the factory.

    It’s the first Mustang in its history that has never sold in the States.