The Hill: In an effort to save some of the country’s most historic and beautiful old cars from the wrecking ball, the National Park Service is turning to the Internet to get them to the right place.

    The agency recently launched a nationwide campaign, known as Old Duster Car, to help people find cars they might otherwise miss.

    The National Park Services’ Old Dusters program was created in response to a historic fire that destroyed many of the cars that were once the backbone of the nation’s old-world car culture.

    The vehicles were salvaged and restored to their original condition by the National Parks Service and other public agencies, and they were then sold to individuals who wanted to restore them.

    The goal of the program is to preserve the historic cars for the public and help them remain in the public domain for future generations to enjoy.

    For example, the program encourages people to donate old cars that have never been on public display to the National Archives or Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum for preservation.

    The money from the program goes to the preservation efforts.

    But the program isn’t limited to cars from historic eras.

    The agency is also trying to help restore old boats and other recreational vehicles.

    It is also looking to buy historic fishing boats, horses, and other items from private collectors.

    The program is part of the National Heritage Preservation Act.

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