A few years ago, when I was still living in Dublin, I would have laughed at a picture of a car dealership in a garage.

    They would be selling the latest model and it would be on display, and then the next thing you knew, a huge billboard would be up in the centre of town advertising it.

    I had never heard of it and never heard anything about it until I went back to Ireland and went to a car show.

    But it was a very real experience.

    The display was the very first time I had ever seen an image of an actual car dealership.

    In fact, I didn’t even realise the dealership was actually in Ireland until a few years later when I got a call from a car dealer in Australia.

    That was when I realised there was an image there.

    In the United States, most cars and trucks are sold by dealerships.

    This is because the dealership must get approval from the federal government and then they must get permission from state governments to sell a car in their state.

    In Australia, there are different laws for different states.

    In most states, there is a sales tax that applies to vehicles sold in your state.

    So, in New South Wales, a dealership in Sydney can’t sell cars in Melbourne, for example, because the sales tax in Sydney is 5 per cent.

    In Queensland, dealerships can sell cars if they can prove they have been in Queensland for three years, or have been there for 10 years.

    In New South Australia, dealers are also allowed to sell vehicles in certain circumstances.

    These are called licence plates.

    For example, if a dealer sells a car and it’s a red car and there’s a yellow sticker on it, it can be an A, B, C or D, or an E, F or G. But if the car is white, it’s not allowed.

    If you’re buying a used car, the dealer may be able to sell you a car with a licence plate of A, A, or B, but not with a license plate of B, E, or F. This may be because it’s easier for a dealer to get a plate of E, because it looks nicer, or it’s cheaper.

    If you buy a new car, you can’t buy a licence with a plate from a dealership unless the seller shows you a sticker that shows the car has been registered to that particular person.

    So, if you’re selling a car that is listed as being “used” in Queensland, you’ll probably get a number of different numbers.

    For the A car, say A5.

    The B car, B5.

    The C car, C5.

    And so on.

    A number of states have different types of license plates, and a dealership might have a number from B, A to E, where the letters A,B,C stand for A to B, and the letter E stands for E to F.

    The fact that a dealership has an A car on display means that they’re a licensed dealer in Queensland.

    They’re allowed to display the number in the window, and if they do, the dealership has the right to sell the car to a buyer in Queensland in the future.

    The owner of the car can then buy the car.

    In most states and territories, a dealer can also sell vehicles if they are not licensed in the state.

    The number on the car, for instance, could stand for a registered owner or a temporary owner.

    It’s up to the state or territory where the vehicle is sold to decide if that is legal.

    The car may be sold in Queensland and then, if the buyer decides they want to buy a different vehicle, then the vehicle may be resold in another state.

    If the seller decides they don’t want to sell any more cars, they can ask the buyer to contact them.

    If the buyer doesn’t contact the dealer, the car may then be sold to someone else.

    In the case of a dealership, they don


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