When you’re a kid, you can’t help but imagine the great cars that made you who you are today.

    Some of those cars, like the one pictured above, were in the same line as the first cars in the United States.

    In fact, a few of the cars on display at the Museum of Modern Art are owned by the same person who founded the museum.

    But when you think back to your childhood, you’ll probably remember something else entirely.

    It was the early ’70s, and that car was one of the most iconic in America.

    The “Bicentennial” car, as it was known, was the first of its kind, and it was an early car that stood out in its time.

    The car’s owner, the car dealer William E. Coyle, wanted to make something that would be able to withstand the forces of history.

    He decided to name it after a car that he had seen when he was a boy.

    When the car was built in the 1920s, Coyle called it “The Old Blue.”

    And that was the car’s name until it was stolen in the 1950s.

    It has been in storage at the Smithsonian for over 100 years, waiting for a new owner to bring it back to life.

    But now, thanks to the Smithsonian’s restoration program, Collyers hopes that one day the car will be back on the road.

    For more than 50 years, the museum has preserved the car as a part of the car collection, but it never had a chance to make a full restoration.

    That’s why the Smithsonian is partnering with Coyle to restore the car.

    “We’re really excited about the opportunity to be able, as an institution, to bring this car back,” said John E. Johnson, the head of restoration for the Smithsonian, who is also the museum’s museum director.

    “It was really a unique vehicle that had a special place in American history, and now we’re going to have the opportunity for the public to visit that car and experience it in its original condition.”

    The car was stolen by a man named James D. Hogg in 1958.

    The vehicle was sold to the museum for about $2,000 in 1958, and only about 20 of the original pieces have been collected over the years.

    The collection includes the original body panels, the windshield, the front fascia, the trunk, the engine compartment, and the engine cover.

    The rest is now a museum exhibit.

    To make the restoration more accessible, Johnson will be presenting a number of the vehicles on display in a “Grand Tour” for museum visitors.

    The goal of the tour is to highlight the many facets of this car’s life, from its origins to the early days of its development, and also to educate visitors about the car and its history.

    This particular car was sold for $2.7 million, and there are several other vehicles in the museum collection that are worth more than $2 million.

    Johnson said that he hopes to raise at least $10 million to help restore the vehicle.

    For the time being, Johnson said he will be donating the car to the National Automobile Museum of America, which is also doing a restoration project.

    “I have a lot of interest in preserving these great car models that are still in the public domain,” Johnson said.

    “So the car is a really exciting project for us to bring to the public.”

    The restoration project will involve the restoration of all of the interior of the vehicle, including the dash, doors, and interior, as well as the exterior of the engine and transmission.

    The restoration will take two years, and Johnson said it will take up to two years for all the original parts to be removed.

    After that, Johnson plans to start selling the car on eBay.

    The museum is hoping to eventually sell the car for around $20,000.

    Johnson hopes that the auction will be a fundraiser for the museum, and he is hoping that the money raised will allow him to do other projects in the future.

    “My hope is to build a collection of cars that will be valuable to generations to come,” Johnson told ABC News.


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