With the first wave of car startups that hit the market over the last few years, a few things have emerged: Companies are now being valued at around $3 billion, with more than $20 billion being raised by companies that launched in 2017.

    And, with a median valuation of $3.5 billion, it’s easy to see why people are taking a closer look at these early-stage companies.

    But what are the odds of an auto startup going public within the next five years?

    We’ve rounded up some of the biggest names in car tech to get a handle on this question.

    Read more about the 2017 car startup boom.

    Wealthiest companies with the most cash in the pipelineOne thing we’ve noticed is that many companies that started with a small team and raised cash today are the ones that are in the top three richest car companies today.

    According to data from The Next Web, a research firm, these are the five biggest car companies in terms of cash and market capitalization (excluding their stock options).

    Here’s a look at the top five in the U.S.: Ford Motor Co. F, +0.06% : This car company is worth $17.6 billion, up from $12.3 billion last year.

    It has a market cap of $36.8 billion, making it one of the largest U.A.C. companies in the world.

    GM shares GM, -0.15% : The auto company also has a valuation of over $30 billion.

    It’s also one of a handful of car companies that have a market capitalized value of more than twice the amount of its stock, making GM one of many that can be counted on to do well in the future.

    GM and Ford have been investing heavily in their technology and building cars in the United States.

    These two companies are the only companies that can compete in the auto industry.

    Ford has invested $100 billion in technology over the past 10 years, while GM has spent $6 billion over the same period.

    The next-biggest car company in the country is also one that’s been making its money in the past, with Toyota making more than the next-most-wealthy car company by a considerable margin.

    Toyota is worth more than Ford in cash, which is worth an estimated $5.2 billion, according to data compiled by Business Insider.

    This is due to the automaker’s ability to take advantage of low-cost labor in its plants and its ability to get its cars into consumers’ hands as soon as possible.

    The Toyota brand is one of only three automakers in the nation to be valued at over $10 billion, as well as a very big driver of auto sales in the state of Texas.

    General Motors is the next biggest company, worth $1.5 trillion.

    This auto company has a massive amount of cash, and it’s made it a very attractive place for investors.

    While GM’s stock has been growing, it has also been trading below its previous price range for a long time.

    The company’s stock price fell by more than 40% from 2016 to 2017.

    General Electric Co. GE, +1.24% : It’s no surprise that the second-largest U.,A.A.-listed company in America is a big player in the automotive space.

    GE’s market cap is now $37.2 trillion, making this company the third-largest car company.

    The automaker has invested more than a billion dollars in research and development over the years, and that means its cars have been around for a while now.

    Its stock price has fallen slightly since 2016, but it still has a fair amount of potential.

    GE also has been building and selling electric vehicles, which have been gaining traction in the market.

    This has helped the company increase its share in the global market by more then $300 million.

    It currently owns almost 25% of electric car maker Tesla Motors Inc., with a market value of about $8.5 million.

    Its shares have fallen over the previous year, and investors should keep an eye on the stock price.

    GM is also known for investing in research, as it has over the next 10 years invested in more than 50 new research projects.

    GM has over $4 billion invested in research in the last five years, according the firm.

    Tesla has been valued at $15.5 $20,000 for the same time period.

    It owns more than 80% of the electric car market, with Tesla making $8,400.

    The top car company to invest in research is General Motors, which has invested nearly $9 billion in research since 2016.

    It is the only company that has invested in over 200 new research grants in the entire U.M.A., with more coming.

    There are other companies that are doing the same, as Ford, Toyota, Nissan and BMW are some of those companies.

    Here’s a breakdown of the top


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