Old cars are selling for tens of thousands of dollars on eBay, and the price has been on the rise for years.

    But what’s not as obvious is just how much the cars are worth.

    According to the seller, this $1,500,000 Ferrari 458 Speciale was once owned by the late John Deere.

    It had been in the possession of Deere’s son, Peter Deere, who died in 2013.

    The car is said to have been purchased by a friend who drove it to an auction in the summer of 2017.

    It was purchased at a sale of a $10,000 car on eBay for $2,500.

    The seller claims that the car is worth $4,000, which is about the same price as the car in the movie, “A Star Is Born.”

    It is not clear how much is going to the auction house.

    A lot of it has to do with the age of the car.

    A car that was owned by John Deering was not going to sell at auction, and that makes it an incredibly valuable car to have, said Bob Sallos, senior vice president of car analysis and pricing at Edmunds.

    “There are a lot of cars that are really good to have and that are going to go for $200,000,” he said.

    “But you can only get one or two of them.”

    If the car sells, it could be worth millions.

    “It’s hard to believe, but it’s not unheard of,” Sallas said.

    The listing says that the Ferrari 458 is in “extremely good” condition and has “no obvious cracks or scratches.”

    The seller says the car’s original leather interior and door panels are “very well maintained,” and the interior has been “completely repainted.”

    There is no indication of any damage to the interior or to the car, and there is no word on when the car will be repaired.

    If it does not sell, the car may be used to raise funds for charity.


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