When a car came along and said it was a bumba, many people didn’t think twice.

    But when a new car came up with its own cartoon character, people started to get interested.

    “A car from the old days, you had to be a little bit more careful,” said one man in a shop.

    “I like the idea of this car, because I think it’s interesting,” said another.

    But many people were not convinced.

    “Why are they doing it?

    They can’t see that the car has to be based on a bumbling bee car.

    So it doesn’t make any sense,” said a woman.

    Another woman, who works at a shop in the old city, said she didn’t know why the car was being made.

    “We need to understand the history behind the car,” she said.

    The owner of the shop told us the car comes with a unique name.

    “You know, it’s a car that is from the past.

    It is a car from before the time of the bees, before the bumblebees,” said the owner.

    He also said the car is based off the cartoon.

    “It’s a special car that has a unique look, and that’s why I’ve called it the old car,” he said.

    “The bees have to come back, and I want to bring them back with me.”

    This is a rare car in the worldIt is not just people who are not convinced about the car.

    “My daughter has told me that it looks like the old bumble car,” said this woman.

    “She also told me the bees can’t touch it, so they should stay away.”

    A few days ago, we visited the shop in search of the original car.

    It was parked in a garden, but it wasn’t the car that was driving the shop.

    We decided to take it for a spin, but this was a different experience.

    “This car is a bit different, it doesn