A few months after Dan’s car became an icon of the 1960s, the legendary actor died.

    In an Instagram post, the actor shared a story about his childhood, his first car and his favorite movie.

    In the post, he wrote about the red car that he bought for his dad and the old small car that his mom drove when he was a teenager.

    “My dad used to tell me that my mother had a ‘little old car’ for a while, and she liked the sound of it,” he wrote.

    “I guess I got my first taste of that in my early teens, as my mom bought me this ‘little’ old car when I was 11 years old.

    And now I know that the car was made by Dan.”

    A few months later, Dan posted another photo of his favorite car, a 1954 Oldsmobile that he had bought for the actor and his family in 1960.

    “And when we got it, we got a ’55 Corvette with chrome paint and a silver top,” he shared.

    “So yeah, it was a great car to drive.

    I drove it a lot, even back then.

    But when it was in storage for 10 years, it had a lot of stuff on it, including my father’s watch, my uncle’s watch and the car keys from my mother.

    So I took that old car home and gave it to my dad.

    He loved it.”