By PETER THOMASAssociated PressCARS in Europe have been given a new makeover in recent years as they have become increasingly modern, but some cars are still quite similar to the originals.

    What is a car?

    A European car is an electric vehicle, an electric powertrain that is used in many other vehicles in Europe.

    Some cars can be considered European cars, because they are electrified, meaning they have electric motors.

    The European car market is the largest in the world, with sales of more than 3.4 billion vehicles in 2019, according to the European Commission.

    Europe is a continent of more or less equal parts.

    There are countries in northern and central Europe that are more developed, and others that are less developed, such as the Baltic states and the Russian Federation.

    In addition, some European countries have a greater amount of natural resources, which make it a lot more difficult for people in the developing countries to move into the developed countries.

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