Dan and Sue (the children of former actress/actor/musician/author Susan Sarandon) are still living in the same old homes they left behind when they were young.

    But this time, they are doing so without any of their parents.

    Dan, who lives with his parents, and Sue, who still lives in the house he once owned, are still parents.

    Now, however, they have a new baby.

    And the baby, named Dan, is a completely different baby.

    “I was expecting him to be a normal little baby, but when I looked at his face I couldn’t believe it,” Sue told The Next World.

    “When he first came into my room, he was really tiny.

    I was so happy I knew that he was a different baby.”

    Dan was born last week.

    And in the process, he and Sue were able to create an entire new world, and it’s a story that will hopefully help the kids get over their separation.

    “We started out thinking of our little boy as just a little kid, but the more we thought about it, the more happy I was,” Sue said.

    “It’s amazing what a difference a baby can make.

    I can’t wait to have him with me.”

    As you may recall, when Sue was pregnant with Dan, she had a baby girl.

    Dan was a little girl, too.

    “My daughter was about two months old when we found out she was pregnant,” Sue continued.

    “She was so excited to have her baby.

    She had no idea that this was going to happen.

    She was so nervous.

    She couldn’t get over it.

    But it was a blessing to know that my little girl was pregnant.”

    The birth was very exciting for Dan, because he has no memory of his mother being a baby.

    He still thinks of his father as a little boy, and that’s something that he’s very proud of.

    “He still feels very proud that he is a little guy, even though he’s no longer a little man,” Sue added.

    “But he also wants to be his dad, and I’m really proud of him for being a dad.”

    The new baby was born on Tuesday, but it took a while for Sue and Dan to start bonding.

    “Every time I saw him, I was really excited,” Sue explained.

    “And it’s amazing how much the baby has changed since the day we got married.

    It’s just so much fun.

    I think he’s going to be very happy and healthy.”

    Now, Dan and his little brother are inseparable.

    And when Dan and their new mother-in-law finally get married, the two are already planning a big party.

    They’re even planning a baby shower, so that they can all celebrate the birth together.

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