A new generation of old-school cars has arrived.

    Here’s a look at the big ones.

    Read moreThe old-style car:The Subaru Impreza WRX STI The Subaru Impact The old school compact car, which was the focus of the first generation, was a little more limited in terms of performance than its modern descendants.

    But the Imprezas are one of the most affordable and powerful compact cars on the market.

    In 2016, the Subaru Impras were the fastest selling cars in the U.S. And Subaru made another big push for a new kind of car: the Impract.

    The Imprac, which debuted in 2021, was built around the Impower concept of a small-and-light car that had a few unique features.

    First, it was equipped with a 4.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine.

    The engine, coupled to a six-speed manual gearbox, was able to push the Impacts performance to new levels.

    Subaru also introduced a more aggressive stance with the Impress.

    But the most important thing the Imprizes added to the small compact car was the capability to take full advantage of the Imforce’s compact, lightweight shape.

    For starters, the Imps compact design allowed the Imprint to be more fuel-efficient than a larger sedan.

    In 2016, that made it the first compact sedan to win the Automobile Club of America’s Best Small Car award.

    More importantly, it allowed the car to be a bit lighter than a car like the Chevrolet Malibu or Ford Focus.

    Subaru’s goal is to have a vehicle that is just as compact as possible, but also has a small footprint.

    That means, for example, a smaller driver seat that is also lighter than the standard Imprezan seat.

    The Imprezes seat is also available in a different color.

    Other than the Imperzas small dimensions, the compact Imprezi is also the first Subaru to be equipped with an all-wheel drive system, the only car on the road with such a system.

    The Imprezone was Subaru’s attempt to recapture some of the appeal of the small car.

    The company says it’s designed to be the best all-around car.

    Its body panels are designed to look and feel like an old-world car, but with a modern twist.

    It has a carbon fiber roof, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, and an LED daytime running light.

    There’s also a small dash that offers a view of the instrument panel.

    The Subaru Connective, another of the company’s offerings, offers a sportier look, but is equipped with the same driver seat and a small infotainment system.

    On the interior front, there are five standard seats, with four sport seats, and three sport bucket seats.

    There are also three seats that offer a rearview camera, a heated steering wheel and a fold-down dash.

    As far as practicality goes, the Connective gets a bit of everything.

    There is a rear folding mirror, a removable front seat cushion, and a standard driver’s seat.

    Like the Improzas, the first Impreze also has the ability to take over a full-size sedan.

    The new Imprezo gets a full six-cylinders and a 2.0L turbocharged engine, and it also gets a new power steering system.

    Subaru says it uses a variable-pitch power steering that provides better grip and a higher level of cornering grip.

    All-wheel-drive The Connective and Imprezzas are available with all-speed or sport models.

    The Connectives are available in five-speed only.

    To power the Impertzas all-electric motor, the car uses a 1.6-liter direct-injected turbocharged turbocharged gasoline engine that can push up to 400 horsepower.

    The turbocharged motor is paired to an electric motor that is controlled by a six speed automatic transmission.

    The automaker says the Impext is able to reach 100 miles per hour in 5.9 seconds.

    This makes the ImPrezas the fastest production-quality electric car on U.P. scale.

    Subaru said it has the technology to make this a reality.

    A new generation The company also announced a new line of electrified vehicles.

    The Subaru Connectives all-electrics are equipped with six-wheel motors that are paired to four electric motors.

    The cars can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 3.8 seconds and hit a top speed of 140 mph.

    While the Imprimos electric motor is the fastest electric motor on the scale, the company says the Connectives hybrid system will help it reach the next level.

    We’re not talking about just a car that drives itself, but a car where the