Toyota says it is making a crossover that has the same performance and comfort as the current Toyota Camry.

    The new, redesigned crossover, called the Crossover, will go on sale in the United States later this year.

    The Toyota Camrys were the first cars in the market to be redesigned with a more powerful engine and larger cabin.

    Toyota says that new crossover will be more fun to drive.

    The new Camry will get a new interior and be lighter and more fuel-efficient, it said.

    The Toyota Camys are sold in a few models.

    The midsize crossover will get the 2.5L V6 that the Camry has, while the larger sedan will get an optional 2.7L V8.

    Both cars are sold with three-spoke wheels and a more aggressive grille.

    Toyota said the new crossover would offer a more exciting driving experience.

    It will feature more performance and more refinement, Toyota said.

    It is a better, more refined and safer way to drive, it added.

    The crossover is scheduled to go on the market in 2020, Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda said at a news conference in Japan.

    The company also plans to start production of the crossover in 2019, Toyota says.