Cars are an iconic part of every person’s life and it’s no surprise that people love them.

    The only problem is that when you look at the actual cost of owning one of the cars you’ll find out that the prices have become a bit out of whack.

    For example, there’s a $6,000 BMW i3 that costs a lot of money but in real life it’ll only cost you around $1,200.

    This means that buying a car in the current state of the market is probably not worth it for most people.

    The other option is to look for a used car or something that’s on the market but is still reasonably cheap.

    For this article we’ve compiled a list of the best used cars for the money.

    Whether you’re looking for a new car or a used one, we’ve got the most interesting cars you can find.

    We’ve broken down the prices and the specifications of each vehicle in the list, and you can see the top five used cars below.