By now, it’s clear that the Audi A5 and A7 are among the most technologically advanced cars ever to hit the market.

    But what about the Audi RS4?

    Well, the EPA and the American Society of Automotive Engineers (ASAE) both dispute that claim.

    Here’s what you need to know about them.

    Audi A4: EPA claimed Audi RS5’s exhaust gases are not toxic, but it’s not a problem with the car source The AP article In May, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published a report claiming the exhaust emissions of the Audi R8, R8 Plus, RS6, RS7, and RS8 were not toxic.

    The EPA’s investigation also concluded that the RS5 and RS6 engines emitted no hazardous pollutants when compared to those of other cars.

    However, a new report published by the Institute for Energy Research (IER) says the EPA failed to accurately account for the exhaust gases emitted by Audi RS3, RS4, and R6 cars.

    “While EPA’s study does not quantify the total amount of emissions, the report does estimate that between 1 and 4 percent of the exhaust gas was emitted into the air,” IER reported.

    “This is a substantial fraction of the estimated total air pollutants emitted by these vehicles.”

    IER’s analysis indicates that only 1.3 percent of exhaust gas from the Audi cars was classified as hazardous.

    Audi RS2: EPA claims Audi RS7’s exhaust emissions are toxic, and it’s a problem for the EPA to regulate the exhaust of other vehicles source The Associated Press article EPA is trying to make it look like its a problem when Audi’s RS2 exhaust is not considered a hazardous pollutant.

    The agency released a report in September that claimed the exhaust fumes emitted by the RS3 RS5, RS5 Plus, and Audi RS6 vehicles did not pose a significant health risk.

    In its analysis, IER determined that the exhaust from the RS4 RS5 RS6 RS7 and RS7 Plus diesel engines was classified by EPA as a hazardous air pollutant that is “likely to cause cancer.”

    Audi RS8: EPA said Audi RS9’s exhaust is toxic, not toxic for EPA to consider, but EPA does not regulate diesel exhaust source The Guardian article EPA released a study this month that found diesel exhaust from Audi RS10, RS11, RS13, RS14, RS15, RS16, RS18, and other models emitted significantly more toxic fumes than other diesel models.

    IER found that diesel exhausts from Audi’s models emitted nearly 8 percent more toxic pollutants than the average diesel engine.

    The study found that EPA is unable to measure the toxic emissions of diesel engines from other vehicles and does not consider the exhaust emitted from those vehicles as a potential pollutant for EPA regulation.

    Audi X3: EPA has found that Audi RS20’s exhaust emits more toxic exhaust than EPA says it does source The Independent article EPA has concluded that Audi’s exhaust emitted significantly higher amounts of toxins than EPA states.

    EPA found that the emissions of Audi RS25, RS26, RS27, RS28, RS29, RS30, RS31, RS32, RS33, RS34, RS35, RS36, RS37, RS38, RS39, RS40, RS41, RS42, RS43, RS44, RS45, RS46, RS47, RS48, RS49, RS50, RS51, RS52, RS53, RS54, RS55, RS56, RS57, RS58, RS59, RS60, RS61, RS62, RS63, RS64, RS65, RS66, RS67, RS68, RS69, RS70, RS71, RS72, RS73, RS74, RS75, RS76, RS77, RS78, RS79, RS80, RS81, RS82, RS83, RS84, RS85, RS86, RS87, RS88, RS89, RS90, RS91, RS92, RS93, RS94, RS95, RS96, RS97, RS98, RS99, RS100, RS101, RS102, RS103, RS104, RS105, RS106, RS107, RS108, RS109, RS110, RS111, RS112, RS113, RS114, RS115, RS116, RS117, RS118, RS119, RS120, RS121, RS122, RS123, RS124, RS125, RS126, RS127, RS128, RS129, RS130, RS131, RS132, RS133, RS134, RS135, RS136, RS137, RS138, RS139, RS140, RS141, RS142, RS143, RS144, RS145, RS146, RS147, RS148, RS


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