Johnny Cash is the biggest-selling R&B singer of all time, with more than a million albums sold worldwide.

    But the singer, who died at his home in Malibu on Sunday, was also the biggest songwriter in R&am!

    The R&b artist, whose name is spelled with a “z” at the beginning, recorded and performed over 3,000 albums, with a catalog spanning from his 1950s heyday to his mid-70s peak.

    The album was also a huge hit for the Cash family, whose home and estate are worth more than $1.4 billion.

    Cash was diagnosed with colorectal cancer on Aug. 9, 2015.

    He performed in support of his new album, “Old R&bs,” at the 2017 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles.

    Cash’s music has been credited with inspiring millions of people, including some of his own family members.

    He was diagnosed in 2009 with Stage 4 glioblastoma, a cancer of the brain and spinal cord that is aggressive and spreads rapidly.

    He underwent surgery and chemotherapy in October 2015, but he was released in November of that year, just six months before his 69th birthday.

    Cash performed in New York City in April of 2019.

    His son, Johnny Cash Jr., who has his own radio station, The Cash Brothers, released his first solo album, titled “The Great American Album,” in May 2018.

    “I have a dream that someday we can share one another’s memories of our fathers, grandfathers, and great-grandfathers,” Cash said in a statement.

    “That’s why I’m grateful for the opportunity to share a few songs from his legacy with you today.

    I wish you all the best.”

    Cash’s life was also full of highs and lows, with his daughter, Nicole, and son, Eric, also recording their own albums.

    Cash died on Sunday at his Malibu home after a battle with cancer.

    He has been in the hospital since then.

    A memorial service will be held at 6 p.m.

    ET on Thursday, July 10 at Malibu’s Ocean Beach Country Club, according to TMZ.


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