– ‘Old’ Subaru is in serious trouble with the UK’s automotive industry, with the brand being accused of being the most popular car brand by new car buyers, with its iconic brand name and distinctive design having been replaced by an even older car brand, the BBC reports.

    “A survey of the top 100 car brands published by the Motor Industry Association (MIAs) shows the Oldest Subaru brand has lost more than 10 per cent of its share of the UK car market,” the BBC says.

    “In the same survey, the Old Subaru brand’s share of vehicle sales has also fallen from 10 per the previous year, with only one in five vehicles sold being purchased by people who were born before 1956.”

    “Newer” brands are also experiencing declining sales, with GM having said it will close more than 2,000 of its factories in 2019.

    “With the demise of old brands and the rise of new ones, many people will feel the pressure to look for new options, and the Old and New brands are among the most prominent,” the report says.