A brand new raffle in the United Kingdom is going global and raffling off a used car in order to raise money for charity.

    The raffle, called the Old Car Raffle, has raised more than $200,000 to support the Royal London Zoo and has seen some of the world’s biggest stars participating.

    The event, which was held last week in Birmingham, is one of a number that are taking place across the UK to raise funds for the Royal New Zealand Hospital.

    Organisers of the event, Old Cars, said they wanted to make it an event that has been in the back of people’s minds for a while.

    “We were talking to people, saying ‘Hey, why not do this?’

    We wanted to create something for them that they could experience,” said Old Cars CEO Sam Blyth.”

    It’s not just about driving, it’s about feeling the excitement of it, the excitement for being able to drive the car.”

    Blyth said the raffle was also meant to be a way to raise awareness for the zoo.

    “To me it was a way for people to go and get their hands on something special,” he said.

    “They can feel a little bit of ownership in it and it’s something that has a real sentimental value to them.”

    The auction of the Old Cars’ cars is only open to the public.

    Blyh said the company would be sharing a photo of the cars with the public and they would then be auctioned off at auction.

    “The way we’re doing it is that you get your name on it, it is a family, it doesn’t really matter what the car is,” he explained.

    “So you can have it for a very short period of time and then you’ll be able to put it up on eBay, and the buyer will be able get their name on that one.”

    The charity’s charity arm, Old Car Trust, will also be selling the cars, and Bly.s hopes the raffles will raise money to help the zoo as they continue to struggle financially.

    “What’s really important is to put a smile on people’s faces and really make them feel like they’re supporting us,” he added.

    The zoo has also been using the rafflings to help raise money, and one raffle winner, the musician, is donating a copy of his upcoming album to the zoo to help.

    Bly said the charity would use the proceeds from the auction to help support the Zoo.

    “They’ve been very generous and they’re really proud of what we’ve done,” he told news.com.au.

    “But we also need to raise the money for the Zoo so we can keep doing this and hopefully we’ll be back in business and hopefully our fans will come and support us.”

    The Royal New York Zoo is hoping to start operating in 2018.


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