Lexus is introducing a new range of older, less-expensive models.

    Starting at $20,000, the brand is updating the Lexus 300E and 300D and introducing the brand’s new all-new SUV, the 300D, which it describes as a “new breed of luxury sedan.”

    It’s the first all-electric SUV on the market.

    The 300D is the first vehicle on the brand new lineup to include electric powertrains.

    It uses an all-aluminum body and the company says the all-wheel drive system can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.6 seconds, a new record for an SUV.

    The Lexus lineup also includes a new all new sport sedan, the 600Z, and a new SUV, a brand-new crossover SUV, and three brand new sports cars.

    The new SUV comes with a new four-wheel-drive setup and can accelerate from 0-60 mph in a stunning 3.5 seconds.

    The company says it has been testing the 300Z in a number of locations around the country and says it is “very well received.”

    The 300E, which will be available starting at $23,990, comes with the all new Lexus Performance Package, which offers an optional suspension upgrade, a power-to-weight ratio of 15 hp/tonne, and powertrain efficiency up to 65% in the city and 60% in highway driving.

    The company says that this is the best possible combination of driving experience and performance because the new 300E comes with more options than any other SUV in its lineup.

    The 200, which has a starting price of $19,990 and will be released later this year, has a powertrain that is “much more powerful than previous generations,” said the company, adding that this means that the vehicle will “easily compete with all-around sedans.”

    The new 200E will be offered with the Lexis Performance Package and the brand says that it has received very positive feedback.

    The brand also announced a number brand-specific changes.

    The 300C, which is expected to be released in late 2018, will be a “brand-new compact SUV with more interior space and a larger interior,” it says.

    The brand says the new SUV will “enable a greater sense of luxury, with a spacious interior, a more powerful powertrain, and luxurious amenities.”

    The 200E is expected at the company’s 2017 North American press event later this week.


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