LEGO has created a whole new car, the Lego Old Car, which has a full-body model of the iconic 1960s Ford Model A. Lego’s creators have said the car is modeled after the car that was built by the company’s founder, Frank Lloyd Wright.

    The car has the iconic “Lego” emblem on the roof, and it is powered by an electric motor, which is powered with a gasoline engine.

    The Lego Old Cars, which are being sold at the LEGO Museum in Chicago, have a base price of $99.99, which would be about $1,600 less than the Ford’s original $1.8 million price tag.

    The vehicle also has a more modern look, including new wheels and bodywork, and is now made of aluminum and a new mold.

    Lego also plans to release the Lego Car at the New York Toy Fair later this month.