I bought my first car two years ago, but I wasn’t prepared for how much it cost.

    At first I thought I’d have to pay the entire car off in the first year, but when my father died and I decided to build the car myself, I knew the price would be a lot cheaper.

    “I bought it off of eBay for $1,700,” he said.

    “It cost about $1.5 million to build it myself.

    And I can actually build it.”

    I’ve been a car fan since I was a child, and I was thrilled when I saw the new BMW 9 Series that was finally arriving in 2017.

    But I was worried about how it would be used.

    I wanted it to be my go-to car, but in order to have fun with it, I’d need to use it to get around the city, do errands, and get around.

    “My goal was to use the car as a regular daily driver, just to get the miles in,” he explained.

    “But it didn’t take long for me to realize that it’s not just for me, it’s for everyone.”

    It’s the kind of car that you would use to get anywhere, and for everyone.

    But what if you want to do something more?

    I decided I’d take my father on a drive, but the idea of taking him on a daily adventure never crossed my mind.

    So I put my mind to the idea that maybe I could build something with the car, and build a car that I would be able to drive for long periods of time.

    After a few weeks of researching the different parts that were available online, I decided that I’d do it myself using some of the components that had already been donated to me by my dad.

    This allowed me to build my own custom BMW X5 that I named “Old Man.”

    My father used the original BMW X1, and he took the chassis from it and repurposed it for the car.

    It took me a few months of researching and building to figure out how I would make the chassis work for the 9 Series.

    The first step was figuring out how to attach the suspension, which is the most difficult part of the build, since you need to find a new, sturdy set of bolts that won’t break.

    Then I had to figure how to fit the front bumper and the side airbags on top of the rear bumper, since the X5 is meant to be driven in the sun.

    The rest was pretty straightforward.

    First, I had a bit of fun designing the front splitter.

    This is a part of most modern cars that is bolted into the frame of the car and is supposed to protect the front and rear of the vehicle.

    This was going to be an important part of how I got the front end of the chassis right, so I needed to figure it out.

    I also had to determine how the front wheel would look, since it had to be mounted on the car so that it could properly grip the front of the bumper.

    Finally, I looked at the back of the X4 to see how it fit, since my dad had installed a second bumper, but he never actually used it.

    I decided he would need a third bumper to replace the rear, which meant I needed a third splitter, too.

    I ended up using the old parts that my dad left me when he sold his X1.

    This part came in handy when I was trying to find parts to mount the rear wheel to the bumper, so it could easily sit up in the car while driving.

    It also allowed me a little bit of freedom with the suspension design.

    “If you want a stiffer ride, you need stiffer parts,” he told me.

    “The old car suspension has the shocks and springs at the rear.

    This allows the car to be very responsive to the road.”

    But I wasn’s car was designed with more of a cruising ride than a long, smooth one.

    So, I started out by using some parts from the X1 and X5.

    It was easy to swap out parts, because the X3 and X4 are essentially the same car.

    But if you look at the X2, the new X5 was also a little different.

    The X5’s front suspension has three different links that allow it to slide, with one of them connecting the rear axle to the front axle.

    When I tested the X6 with the old X3, I was amazed to see that the X7’s front shocks and shocks didn’t have any links to it.

    This means the car doesn’t have a lot of stability in its back, and the front suspension is a little stiff, making it less stable.

    So the next step was to find the front parts.

    “To make sure that the suspension wasn’t breaking apart, I used a couple of old parts from my dad’s X1,” he recalled.