An old town vehicle parked in the street may be a little too far from the nearest gas station to become a potential nuisance.

    But it doesn’t have to be.

    Here are the steps you can take to make sure it doesn.

    Step 1.

    Keep the windows up.

    It’s best to leave the windows down and keep the doors closed, said David L. Pappas, a certified real estate broker and senior vice president at Trulia.

    Step 2.

    If you need to take the car to the garage, make sure you have the keys in the ignition, Pappa said.

    Step 3.

    If your vehicle has an emergency brake, put it in the garage as soon as possible.

    If your vehicle is parked in a garage, turn it off and make sure there are no open windows, Poppas said.

    You can also make sure to put a barrier around the vehicle and lock the doors, if necessary.

    Step 4.

    If there are any other issues with the vehicle, like rust or damage to the roof, make a report to the local police department, Papas said, or contact a car rental company.

    Step 5.

    If the vehicle is totaled, report it to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

    Step 6.

    If an inspection shows that the vehicle has not been driven by a person for at least six months, Papps said, report the vehicle to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, which will provide a free inspection.

    Step 7.

    If any of the issues have been corrected, you can report it again to the insurance company.