The Craigslist auction for a $100,000 old car was up in the air after a Craigslist listing expired.

    It was listed at $200K but was up at $100K on Wednesday when a new listing was posted.

    A new listing for a similar old car for $100k has been posted for $150K.

    The listing has the name “Jimmie Johnson” but does not specify the model.

    There was also a “Jill Johnson” with the name of the woman who died at the scene, the listing says.

    Johnson said he got the tattoo on his arm after seeing the news about the auction and realized it would be fun.

    The tattoo cost $200 on Craigslist but it will go to someone who can pay the tattoo, he said.

    He plans to sell the car and donate the money to the local fire department.

    He said he is planning to have the car repainted and painted by the time it is sold.

    The auction is scheduled to run from Sept. 19 through Oct. 3.