Posted February 06, 2020 15:20:47A lot of people are going to think that the car they have on the left here is a modern Porsche 911.

    It’s a pretty cool-looking car, but it’s a lot less modern than the rest of the 911 range.

    It had a lot of things that were unique about it.

    There was a front fender, a rear diffuser, and a new front and rear spoiler.

    It also has a really unique engine that was really cool, but also a very cool exhaust.

    It wasn’t really a production car.

    It was just a really cool car, and that’s what drove the passion and excitement behind this project.

    The first time we drove it, we were blown away.

    This thing was so simple, yet so cool.

    It really did feel like a 911.

    I mean, I was surprised at how clean and quiet it was.

    The engine was quiet, the brakes were quiet, and I really liked the fact that it had a very, very short wheelbase.

    It just had enough room for this guy to fit into.

    I’m actually not going to lie.

    This is not a great car, though.

    I think the whole point of the project was to make a car that was not just a modern 911, but a really nice 911, and one that people could actually drive, if they wanted to.

    We wanted to make it look like a classic, and it did that.

    I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.

    I thought, “Wow, I’m going to have to do something really crazy.”

    So, I went out and bought this very, really weird looking Porsche 911 RS3.

    It looks like a Porsche, but I’m not sure what that means.

    I’ve never heard of a Porsche 911, so I thought I’d check it out.

    When we drove this thing, we felt like it was an absolute gem.

    We weren’t sure how it would be used in our daily commute, but we were able to pull it off.

    The wheels were nice and wide, and the engine was amazing.

    It felt great, but at the same time, it was so fun to drive.

    I love the fact the whole 911 is based on a brand.

    That’s one of the things that really drew me in.

    We were all very young, and we thought, We should just do something crazy, so we bought this thing.

    It sounds like a ridiculous idea, but this is what we really wanted to do.

    This was a Porsche.

    This should be cool.

    The RS3 is a really, really cool 911, because it has this whole cool, futuristic look to it.

    We have a lot going on, and this is a super cool car.

    But when I was driving it, it just made me want to go back to the old days of Porsche.

    I wanted to drive the 911 with this car in it, and make it feel like it’s not just another Porsche.

    I was a little scared, but then we pulled it apart.

    The whole thing is like this, and there are so many different pieces that make it unique.

    There’s the engine, there’s the chassis, there are the brakes, there is the suspension, and everything.

    This car is a work of art.

    We put a lot into it.

    The original engine is actually the same one that the 911 came with, so the whole car has been modified to look like it is.

    I’m a huge fan of the old Porsche 911s, and what they were all about.

    The RS3 was a real collaboration between the owner of the RS3 and the owner behind the other cars, so it’s like, This is our car.

    We really, truly put the work in.

    This is a Porsche RS3 that was made in 2000.

    This one is the RS2.

    I really, I wanted it to look really, very similar to the original.

    I really wanted it like the RS1, and then I also wanted to keep the RS-specific styling.

    We had to have a whole new body, so there’s a big nose, a big spoiler, and even a spoiler that is actually part of the bumper.

    We even got a whole different engine to replace the one that was originally in the car.

    I also put in a new rear spoiler, so that it’s really wide.

    We made it so that the engine and chassis are the same length as the car itself, so this car is actually a very modern, clean-looking 991.

    I got the RS version, and its like a super clean 911.

    It has a very unique look, too.

    We got a lot in the way of new styling, but that’s the beauty of this car.

    The car is super clean, and really unique, and very fun to get behind.

    I want to see what people can do with it.

    It is going to be a big deal.