With new vehicles being introduced in the U.S. this year, the average age of new cars is increasing at a faster pace than older vehicles.

    This is especially true in states that have seen the most growth in vehicle sales, such as California, Florida, Arizona and Texas.

    With the advent of the Chevrolet Bolt EV and the Nissan Leaf, we can expect to see more and more vehicles like these being built with older parts, which will likely mean a higher price tag and longer driving history.

    To help keep things interesting, we thought we’d take a look at how to beat the new Jetta SUV.

    Check out the full article for more information about each vehicle, but we’ve broken them into three different categories, each with a number of parts to look for.


    New Old Car Buying Advice: The first step is to check out the dealer’s website to see if the new car is a new or used vehicle.

    If you’re looking for a used Jetta or a used Toyota Tacoma in good condition, you should probably pick one up. 2.

    New Jeep Wranglers: In order to beat some older Jetta vehicles, you’ll want to buy a used one.


    New Tacoma: This is a big one.

    Buying a new Tacoma or Jetta should be your first choice, because they’re both built on a platform that has been around since the 1960s.


    Old Firebird: If you want to save money, it’s possible to replace your old Firebird with a used Firebird.


    Old Jetta: It’s probably best to replace a used vehicle with a new one, but the old Jetta can be a good alternative.


    Old Chevy Camrys: Once again, you can save money by buying a used Camry or a new Chevy Camaro.


    Old Dodge Ram: A lot of old Dodge Ram pickups are still available and are generally very reliable.

    If your choice is between a new Dodge Ram or a current Ram pickup, go with a current one.

    The Ram is easier to find, too, and there’s more space in a newer pickup than an older one.


    Old Toyota Tacoma: You may have seen some old Toyota Tacoma cars in stores or on the market recently, and they’re usually in very good condition.

    If the car is in good shape, you might be able to pick up a used version, which can be much more affordable.


    Old Nissan Leaf: New Nissan Leafs are often a big seller on the car market, but if the Nissan Leafs aren’t as reliable as they used to be, you may want to look into a used model.


    Old Jeep Wrangs: If you can’t find a used Jeep Wranger, the most affordable option is to replace the old Jeep Wrangle with a newer one.

    You can find used Wrangles on Craigslist and used JW’s for sale at the flea market.


    Old Chevrolet Camrys.

    If a used Chevrolet Camaro is the best option, you could potentially save some money if you choose to buy one.

    Chevrolet’s Camaro SS and Camaro LT are both well-loved pickups, but a new Camaro LS or LS3 could be worth the money.


    Old Subaru Outback: Subaru’s Outback is the go-to pickup for a lot of people who like to keep things simple.

    You’ll probably have to find a new Outback for a new vehicle, so you’ll need to pick one that’s relatively inexpensive.


    Old Honda Civic: Honda’s Civic is a great pickup, and it’s one of the most popular vehicles on the road.

    If it’s in good working condition, there’s a good chance that the Civic is an excellent choice.


    Old Ford F-150: Ford’s F-Series has long been known as a solid pickup, but it can be difficult to find quality F-series trucks.


    Old Porsche Cayenne: You can easily get an old Cayenne, which is often a good option for someone who wants to get a budget-friendly car.


    Old Audi R8: Audi is famous for its luxurious and affordable cars, but there’s also a lot to love about the R8.

    It’s a great all-around pickup, so if you can find it, it could be a great purchase.


    Old Volkswagen Jetta TDI: The Volkswagen Jettas are often used for repairs, but you can also find a Jetta in good standing.

    If this is your first Volkswagen, you’re likely looking at a Jettaket for a good deal.


    Old BMW 3 Series: You’ll