The new car museum at the Toledo Plant is expected to open to the public on June 3.

    The site is owned by Ford Motor Co., and it is the former home of the Ford Motor Company Toledo factory.

    The museum will feature more than 250 cars, including the Ford Explorer, Ford Falcon, Ford Mustang, Ford Escort, Ford Thunderbird, Ford Ranger, Ford F-Series, Ford Fiesta, Ford Explorer SUV, Ford Transit, Ford Fusion and Ford Transit Hybrid.

    The Toledo plant was the world’s largest automotive manufacturing facility, and it employed more than 3,000 people.

    The building was once the site of a Ford factory and has since been converted into a museum, with exhibits on automotive design, automotive history and technology.

    The museum is expected come in two stages.

    The first is a day-long exhibit on the history of Ford, starting with the founding of the company in 1919.

    The second is a six-day program that will focus on the company’s automotive and design brands.

    The Toledo Plant was once a Ford assembly line.

    In 1919, the company announced that it would manufacture automobiles for the United States military.

    But by the mid-1920s, the Toledo plant, which had been producing Ford vehicles for decades, had been taken over by Ford.

    The company moved production to Mexico, where it employed thousands of workers.

    In 1937, the plant reopened as Ford’s headquarters in Toledo.

    The new car shop will be the second Ford plant to open in the U.S. since the Great Depression.

    In January 2017, Ford announced that its Toledo plant will be transformed into a “museum” that will feature the company and its brands.

    Ford is planning to open a new Toledo plant in 2019.