The Old Gangster Cars is a car that’s been in Australia for nearly two decades.

    Originally built by the Melbourne Motor Co-operative in 1967, the iconic old car was then owned by the Victorian Government and later bought by the City of Melbourne in the 1970s.

    Since then, the car has been converted into a private club, with the owner continuing to operate the car on the street.

    While it’s not the first vehicle to return to Australia since 1966, the Old Gangsters have a new lease on life.

    “The Old Gangs cars are all being put back together, rebuilt and modernised and they’re all looking fantastic,” said former City of Macquarie Councillor Mark Taylor.

    With the arrival of the Queensland Government’s National Road Safety Strategy, the old gangsters are now being considered for inclusion on the list of road safety priorities for Queensland.

    The car has already been converted to a road-going car park, and is set to return again for the opening of the Old City of Sydney in 2021.

    This will mark the first public outing of the car since its retirement in the 1990s.

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