LOS ANGELES — Ferrari has unveiled its first “classic” supercar that is still as fast as the day it was conceived and designed in 1955.

    The new Ferrari F12berlinetta is a supercharged version of the F12 used on the original F12 and it uses a modified version of aero panels to achieve the same level of power.

    The Ferrari F14 and F15 are both the same car and will be unveiled during the Los Angeles auto show later this week.

    Fiat has already unveiled a new version of its F1 car that is much lighter than the current model and has been shown off at the recent Monaco Grand Prix.

    The car is being unveiled at the show in California next week.

    Ferraris new “classic supercar” is lighter than it was designed to be but is still very fastThe F12 was conceived in 1957 by Italian design duo Giuseppe Minardi and Fabio Grosso.

    The supercar had a top speed of 315 mph, making it the fastest supercar ever produced.

    It was originally called the Ferrari 458 and went on to be sold as a sports car by several Italian companies including Ferrari, Maranello and Fiat.

    The F14 was designed by the Italian-born Bruno Michelotto and the F15 by Italian-American Bruno Spagnoli.

    The two also designed the McLaren F1, which was a highly successful car that won the 1957 British Formula One championship and the 1968 French Formula One title.

    Fiat also unveiled the F1’s successor, the F16, which has a top top speed and fuel economy of more than 300 mph.

    It is powered by a 3.0 liter twin-turbo V12 engine and was powered by an engine developed by Ferrari, which made the V12 in cooperation with General Motors and was later sold as an F-type.

    F1 cars are also being built in China, where Ferrari also makes the F-series cars.