A couple of big new car and SUV reveals are set to take place at the Adelaide Motor show this weekend.

    Coupe and SUV showroom owners are invited to show their cars at the show this week, with a new generation of coupe, SUV and hatchback cars to be unveiled.

    The Adelaide Motorshow will be the biggest in the world, with thousands of exhibitors from around the world lined up to try on new models, which will be available for the public to bid on.

    There’s been a lot of interest in the new generation, with many expecting the car and its owner to be in the spotlight this week.

    It will be a big week for owners of the new car models to show off their creations, with the new models set to be showcased at the Showroom.

    The new cars will be revealed from the driver’s seat, which has become popular for owners in the past.

    They’ll also be showcased in the driver-side cockpit, allowing the car to have the luxury of using a 360-degree camera view.

    In addition, the new cars can be controlled via the touchscreen in the centre console.

    Owner of a new coupe and a new SUV at the 2016 Adelaide MotorShow, Samantha O’Sullivan said it was important to try the new model before bidding on it.

    “I think we’re all really excited about what’s coming up in the future,” Ms O’Swaine said.

    “The new coupes, we’ve got a couple of new ones coming to show, which is just really exciting.

    We’re not going to be too sure about the hatchback, but we’re sure we’ll be able to pick one up for our kids.”

    The Adelaide Showroom will be open from 9am to 6pm, with doors opening at 9:30am.