The BMW M6 M3 is about to be given a new name.

    The German automaker is planning to launch the new ‘Miles High Club’, a new, futuristic, red car that will debut in the UK at the end of next year.

    “The M6M3 is a completely new and totally unique concept car,” said BMW Group CEO Markus Ulrich in a statement.

    “We’ve decided to create a completely different vehicle, based on a completely separate concept, that is connected to the M6 family, a new generation of cars.”

    The M3 M5 and M5 M6 were the first models to get the name.

    The M5 was based on the BMW 3 Series and was unveiled in 2011.

    The M5M6M6 is expected to be a four-door hatchback, which is the most luxurious version of the current M5.

    A red, aluminium body has been used on the new M6, which will be built in a new plant in China, the car maker said.

    “This is a fully new concept vehicle, designed with the M-Sport (the M Sport class) concept in mind,” the statement said.

    It combines performance, efficiency and style with all-new technologies.””

    The M7 is a more powerful, technologically advanced, sporty, compact, sportier, and stylish car.

    It combines performance, efficiency and style with all-new technologies.”

    It is a highly-motivated and innovative vehicle.”BMW is currently working on the M8 M7, the first M7M7, a four door hatchback that will be unveiled in 2018.