The iconic tattoo artist behind the iconic ‘Old Pontiac City’ car is getting $10,000 from the city’s iconic tattoo artists to create the signature “A New Yorkers” tattoo on his car.

    “I’m not a car guy, but I like old cars, and I have a love for old cars.

    It’s just that I want to create something that I’ll remember,” said Scott Schmitz, who has been working in the art world since 2001.

    The $10k tattoo is one of a number of $100,000 donations to be given to artists to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the city.

    The artists are known for the iconic “A” on the sides of their cars.

    “They’ve been so great.

    I can’t believe they’re doing this, and it’s a great honor,” Schmitk said.

    “The art community here in New York is so diverse.

    It was amazing to see people of all ages, all races, all creeds come together to support this city and the artists that work in it.”

    New York has been a city of immigrants for over two centuries.

    It has become a hub of art and culture, and artists from around the world flock to celebrate the city with free concerts, festivals and street parties.

    “New York has a lot of art.

    We don’t have many.

    But it’s just amazing that we have so many great artists,” Schmetz said.

    Artists have been coming to the city for more than 30 years to create work that has made New York a cultural destination for tattoo artists.

    In recent years, the city has been known for its graffiti and street art.

    Many of these pieces, known as street art, are on city streets, and some of them are so intricate that they are almost like a tattoo, according to Schmitt.

    He said artists from across the globe have come to New York for work.

    Schmets family, including a father, mother, four siblings and a sister, have been tattooing in New Jersey and in the U.K. “It’s like we’re all on the same page,” he said.

    The artist said he wanted to bring the city back to its roots and show the world that it’s still here.

    “To be honest, this is my first tattoo,” Schmoetz said of his work.

    “But it’s been going for years.

    I always knew that I wanted to make something that would last and that will stand the test of time.

    The way I see it, if you look at the city today, it’s all just a piece of history.”


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